UNiKA PRO-3SP Splitter Triple Passive Iso Splitter UNiKA PRO-3SP Splitter Triple Passive Iso Splitter UNiKA PRO-3SP Splitter Triple Passive Iso Splitter UNiKA PRO-3SP Splitter Triple Passive Iso Splitter UNiKA PRO-3SP Splitter Triple Passive Iso Splitter

UNiKA PRO-3SP Splitter

Triple Passive Iso Splitter

Varenr: PRO-3SP
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UNiKA PRO-3SP is a professional Passive Splitter designed to convert one Line Level signal to 2 independent transformer-isolated balanced outputs and one parallel local monitor output.

In this way, a signal from a mixer, pre-amp or other audio source can be sent to variety of remote and local destinations like monitor mixers, recorders, powered speakers and outboard effects.

As PRO-3SP is a passive device no batteries or other power supplies are required and UNiKA PRO’s specially-selected audio isolation transformer ensures an exceptionally musical sound, rich in harmonics.

UNiKA PRO-3SP is equally at home on stage or in the studio with a rugged steel casing, full-length anti-slip mat and recessed connectors.

INPUT —XLR connects output from a mixer, pre-amp, click track or other line level source to the PRO-3SP.

PAD Switch — reduces the input level by 20dB to prevent distortion from high level signals.

MONITOR — is wired in parallel to the INPUT and provides a “THRU” connection. This output is not transformer isolated.

ISO OUT CH1 and CH2 XLRs — balanced low impedance line-level “splits” of the input signal. These are transformer isolated and connect to monitor mixers, recorders, powered speakers, outboard effects and other line level devices using a standard XLR cable.

GND/LIFT — Breaks the ground at the output of both the transformers to eliminate hum and noise caused by ground loops.

Rugged Steel Chassis — with Anti-Scratch Paint.

Anti-Slip Mat — full-length, flexible plastic pad cushions and stabilises the PRO-3SP.

System Specifications

Circuit Principle: Passive with Transformer Balanced Output
Input Connector: 1 X Female XLR
Link/Monitor Terminal: 1 X Male XLR Direct Output
Input Attenuator and Indicator: 0/-20dB push button
Output Terminal: 2 X XLR Male socket through balancing ISO transformer
Output GND/LIFT switch: Shared push button
Input Impedance: 4.7kOhm
Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
Maximum Input Level before clipping: +22dB
Maximum Output Level: +22dB
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz, 0.3/+0,1dB
S/N Ratio @20Hz-20kHz un-weighted: Greater than 120dB
T.H.D @1kHz 0dBV Output: Less than 0.02%
Type of ISO Transformer: 1+1:1+1
Chassis: 1.6mm/1.2mm steel
Finish: Anti-scratch paint
Dimension (W X D X H): 78 X 124 X 46mm
Unit Weight: 0,62 kg

Est. 1985. Strictly Confidential…
UNiKA has manufactured high-quality audio products for internationally-respected brands for over 35 years. So you may already own, love, and depend on a quality product proudly-designed and built in Taiwan by UNiKA. We would love to name names but as we have promised confidentiality our lips are sealed!

We have a passion for great-sounding gear. So we decided to start our own brand to give our team the freedom to build and market their exceptional designs. Enter UNiKA Pro!

That was 2018 and there is now a comprehensive range of top-spec Dante I/O interfaces—the NBB Series—and an entry-level range of budget DI’s—the Stage Series. Go check them out! Based on customer feedback, dealers and distributors asked us to make a flagship DI series with the emphasis on musicality but without a boutique price-tag. So how did we do this? It started with the transformer….

At the heart of all PRO Series DIs is the UNiKA EI30A10E 1+1:1+1 audio isolation transformer. This is a bespoke design with a special copper foil layer and dedicated grounding layer. It has been specially-selected to enhance musicality by producing a sound rich in harmonics.

Grounding interference and leakage caused by potential differences are minimised and low impedance balanced outputs allow long cable runs with the very best audio quality.

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