UNiKA PRO-BT5 Bluetooth DI-Box Bluetooth v5.0 Di box, Custom ISO UNiKA PRO-BT5 Bluetooth DI-Box Bluetooth v5.0 Di box, Custom ISO UNiKA PRO-BT5 Bluetooth DI-Box Bluetooth v5.0 Di box, Custom ISO UNiKA PRO-BT5 Bluetooth DI-Box Bluetooth v5.0 Di box, Custom ISO

UNiKA PRO-BT5 Bluetooth DI-Box

Bluetooth v5.0 Di box, Custom ISO

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UNiKA PRO-BT5 is a professional Passive DI box designed to convert Bluetooth wireless digital audio signals like those from mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers and other digital audio sources to low impedance balanced analogue signals like those required by a mixing console, soundcard, pre-amp or powered speaker. PRO-BT5 is powered via a commonly-available external 5VDC PSU (not supplied).

UNiKA PRO’s specially-selected audio isolation transformer and built-in 16 bit / 44.1kHz Digital Audio Converter (DAC) ensure an exceptionally musical sound at CD audio quality.

PRO-BT5 features a high-quality headphone monitor output compatible with a wide range of headphones.

UNiKA PRO-BT5 is equally at home on stage or in the studio with a rugged steel casing, full-length anti-slip mat and recessed connectors.

SYNC — illuminates during the Bluetooth pairing process

MONITOR OUT — Mini TRS headphone jack compatible with 16 Ohm to 600 Ohm headphones.

MONITOR LEVEL — Headphone rotary volume control.

ISO OUT L and R — XLRs connect the transformer-balanced low impedance outputs to the inputs of a mixing console, sound card, pre-amp, powered speaker or other audio device using a standard XLR cable.

GND/LIFT — Breaks the ground at the output of both transformers to eliminate hum and noise caused by ground loops.

POWER ACTIVE LED — illuminates when PRO-BT5 is powered from a user-supplied external 5VDC USB Type-C PSU or a compatible USB connector on a Laptop or Desktop PC.

Rugged Steel Chassis —with Anti-Scratch Paint.

Anti-Slip Mat — full-length, flexible plastic pad cushions and stabilises the PRO-BT5

System Specifications

Circuit Principle: Passive with Transformer Balanced Output
Bluetooth Version: Ver 5.0 A2DP dual mode with BLE & DID Listing
DAC Conversion and Sample Rate: 16 bit/44.1kHz
Sync format: SBC and AAC meet for A2DP specification
Power Supply: By external 5VDC via TYPE-C with (not supplied). LED indicator.
Bluetooth Sync Indicator: LED
Output Terminal: 2 X XLR Male socket through balancing ISO transformer
Output GND/LIFT switch: Shared push button
Maximum output level: 0,99Vrms
Headphone output power: 30mW @32O/per ch & 5mW @600O/per ch
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz, ±0.5dB
S/N Ratio @20Hz-20kHz un-weighted: Greater than 110dB
T.H.D @1kHz 0dBV Output: Less than 0.005%
Balance output impedance: 50O
Type of ISO Transformer: 1+1:1+1
Chassis: 1.6mm/1.2mm steel
Finish: Anti-scratch paint
Dimension (W X D X H): 78 X 124 X 46mm
Unit Weight: 0,61 kg

PRO-BT5 Bluetooth 5.0 receiver module is certified by the SIG Bluetooth International Association to receive SBC and AAC format signals wirelessly with a transmission distance of 30-35 metres and 16 bit / 44.1kHZ (CD-quality) sound.PRO-BT5 headphone amp has the power to handle even the most demanding high and low impedance consumer and professional headphones and earbuds

Search and connect your PRO BT5
When you use your computer, mobile phone, multimedia device to search and connect to PRO BT5 via Bluetooth 5.0 or higher version, please connect the power of PRO BT5 first, then the power light on the upper cover will light up, and the SYNC indicator on the front side will flash. Please find the following names on your mo bile device search list.

Where “XXXX” is the last four digits of the device’s MAC* address which is factory preset. For example, if the MAC address of the device is (DC:00:30:00:1E:1A), you will see UNiKA PRO-BT5-1E1A in the list of connectable devices. If there are multiple PRO BT5 nearby simultaneously power on, you will see the last four digits of a different MAC, such as PRO-BT-5-1E13, but it may have been connected by other mobile devices, so if your mobile device is connected to this device, it will show that it cannot be connected, otherwise it will It displays words such as successful connection or successful connection as an audio playback device.

About MAC address
A media access control address (MAC address) is a unique identifier assigned to a network interface controller (NIC) for use as a network address in communications within a network segment. This use is common in most IEEE 802 networking technologies, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Within the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) network model, MAC addresses are used in the medium access control protocol sublayer of the data link layer. As typically represented, MAC addresses are recognizable as six groups of two hexadecimal digits, separated by hyphens, colons, or without a separator.

Est. 1985. Strictly Confidential…
UNiKA has manufactured high-quality audio products for internationally-respected brands for over 35 years. So you may already own, love, and depend on a quality product proudly-designed and built in Taiwan by UNiKA. We would love to name names but as we have promised confidentiality our lips are sealed!

We have a passion for great-sounding gear. So we decided to start our own brand to give our team the freedom to build and market their exceptional designs. Enter UNiKA Pro!

That was 2018 and there is now a comprehensive range of top-spec Dante I/O interfaces—the NBB Series—and an entry-level range of budget DI’s—the Stage Series. Go check them out! Based on customer feedback, dealers and distributors asked us to make a flagship DI series with the emphasis on musicality but without a boutique price-tag. So how did we do this? It started with the transformer….

At the heart of all PRO Series DIs is the UNiKA EI30A10E 1+1:1+1 audio isolation transformer. This is a bespoke design with a special copper foil layer and dedicated grounding layer. It has been specially-selected to enhance musicality by producing a sound rich in harmonics.

Grounding interference and leakage caused by potential differences are minimised and low impedance balanced outputs allow long cable runs with the very best audio quality.

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