Scale CD10, 10" Coax monitor 1000W Bi-amped 10" coaxial, advance DSP Scale CD10, 10" Coax monitor 1000W Bi-amped 10" coaxial, advance DSP

Scale CD10, 10" Coax monitor

1000W Bi-amped 10" coaxial, advance DSP

Varenr: CD10
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The SCALE CD10 brings it to the point: Maximum performance meets uncompromising features – all in one. 
CD series is made for professional applications, whether on stage as monitor, front fill or main PA Speaker on a stand.
CD series cabinets are high grade speakers, offering dynamic, most neutral and authentic sound quality. The advanced acoustical features fulfil highest demands on sound quality, high dynamics and excellent sonic clarity for a thrilling live performance.

The integrated high-performance bi-amped amplifier modules make the CD speakers to modern, professional audio tools.
Newest Class D amplification ensures best efficiency, low noise floor, ultralight weight and high power: all this – at a super compact format. 24-bit DSP processing.

Powerful Class D Amplifiers / DSP Loaded
Class-D power amplifier technology packs huge performance operating with high efficiency into a lightweight solution. The amplifier features a solid mechanical aluminum structure which not only stabilizes the amplifier during transportation but helps the fan-less heat dissipation. The integrated channel DSP manages all loudspeaker processing in 24bit, crossover, EQ, soft dual-channel limiter, and dynamic bass boost.

Rental Proof
Feedback from customer has been that existing cabinets from our competitors scratch and chip easily. We took this into account when we chose the final finish of the CD series texture. We have equipped the CD series with double layers of heavy-duty structured lacquer.
The cabinets are solid and well damped so will perform @ volume.


  • Engineered and designed in Germany
  • High-class performance in ultra-lightweight design
  • Sophisticated coaxial transducers
  • Extensive DSP featuring delay functionality (up to 100 m)
  • Digital sound editor (on-board optimization)
  • Dual-band limiters for stable performance
  • Memory for 5 user presets
  • Lockable graphic backlit screen
  • Two combo inputs (XLR/6.3 jack with MIC/LINE switches)
  • High-resolution microphone preamps for great dynamics
  • Robust texture-painted plywood enclosure
  • NORMAL: recommended mode for P.A. use, with a flat frequency response.
  • MONITOR: A small reduction in the low frequency.
  • E-DRUMS: More punch in bottom, more clarity in mids.
  • KEYBOARDS: A warmer sound, and a slightly lift in top.
  • Digital sound editor (on-board optimization)
  • ACOUSTIC GUITAR: Reducing the boominess from an acoustic guitar.
  • ELECTRIC GUITAR: Emulates frequency response of a 12? guitar cabinet.
  • VOICE: Lo cut, and makes a clear and accurate sound for dynamic microphones
  • LIVE
  • DJ’s
  • install
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