Ayrton ZONDA 9 FX - 37 RGBW LED

25,000 lumens, liquid effect

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Fixture TypeScenic
Ayrton ZONDA 9 FX - 37 RGBW LED 25,000 lumens, liquid effect
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ZONDA 9 FX is the first luminaire in a new family of products devised for stage lighting, equipped with a high-performance 40 W LED source with RGB+W additive colour synthesis.

This fixture offers a proprietary optical system consisting of a wide dial of 37 lenses in PMMA, 384 mm in diameter, combined with 37 glass light guides with an output surface made of an optical micro-structure. This LED/optical system combination can produce powerful light output of 25,000 lumens and a perfectly homogeneous mixture of pastel and saturated colours, regardless of the colour mix chosen. The perfectly crisp separation between the light sources helps to reinforce the level of contrast. Endowed with a 50 mm truncated transmitting lens with an optical surface equivalent to that of a 70 mm round lens, ZONDA 9 FX can obtain a
highly intensive beam with a zoom ratio of 14:1 and a wide zoom range of 4.0° to 56°.

A new optimised cooling system, simplified lens guidance systems, and ever smarter design of the internal structure have made it possible to reduce the size and weight of the luminaire considerably Slim-21TM.

ZONDA 9 FX is a versatile fully-equipped luminaire designed for a multitude of applications. It borrows from the main features
of the WASH version and offers infinite continuous rotation on the pan & tilt axes I.R.S.TM. Individual control of each LED allows you to achieve 3D volumetric effects. ZONDA 9 FX can produce a high-definition liquid effect from between its main lenses to create complex graphic effects LiquidEffectTM. This effect can be used alone or in combination with the main LED matrix. ZONDA 9 FX is a marvel of technology geared for creativity.

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