ADJ Focus Profile

For theatrical, touring and consert

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The ADJ Focus Profile is a feature-packed moving head profile fixture with framing shutters. It features a potent 400W LED engine, 4 rotating framing shutters, full CMY color mixing and two prism effects.

 The brightest and most feature-rich Focus Series fixture to date, the Focus Profile is a professional caliber automated profile luminaire designed for theatrical, concert touring and event production applications. It features a potent 400W LED engine, with a native color temperature of 6,700K and a CRI in excess of 70, coupled with an exhaustive collection of beam-shaping tools. These include four, independently controllable, rotating full blackout framing shutter blades, which can be used to precisely shape the light output. The unit offers full CMY color mixing together with variable CTO color temperature control (2700K to 6700K) and an additional color wheel loaded with 6 dichroic filters comprised of four primaries together with CTB and CRI filters. Two separate GOBO wheels feature 7 replaceable, indexed-rotating GOBOs, and 8 static GOBOs, respectively, while two bi-directional rotating prisms (3-facet and 6-facet) allow for the creation of a wide variety of aerial effects. Motorized focus, iris and zoom (7 – 45-degrees) together with a replaceable (medium) frost filter and an animation wheel complete the lineup of features offered by this powerful and versatile luminaire.


• 400W LED Engine

• 20,000 Hour Average LED Life

• Variable Refresh Rate: 900Hz-1500Hz,2500Hz,4000Hz,5000Hz,6000Hz,10KHz,15KHz,20KHz,25KHz

• 20,990 Total Lumens, 6,700K

• 70CRI without CRI filter

• 88 CRI with CRI filter

• 44,330 LUX / 4,118 FC @5m (7.32° Beam)

• 1,767 LUX / 164 FC @5m (45° Beam)

• Beam Angle: 7~45°

• 3 & 6 Facet Rotating Prisms

• Replaceable Medium Frost Filter (heavy frost filter included)

• Motorized Focus

• Motorized Iris

• Electronic Dimming & Strobe (1-20Hz)

• Pan 540/630°, Tilt 270°

• 3 DMX Channel Modes (36 / 40 / 51)

• RDM (Remote Device Management)

• Battery inside, allowing to access the fixture Menu without power connection

• 6 Button Touch Control Panel

• Full Color 180° Reversible LCD Menu Display

• 8 / 16 Bit Resolution Adjustable Movement

• Full CMY color mixing

• Variable CTO

• Color Wheel with 6 dichroic colors

• 2 Gobo Wheels

• Gobo wheel 1:7 Interchangeable Rotating-Indexing Gobos

• Gobo wheel 2: 8 Static-Stamped Gobos

• 4 Full blackout Framing Shutters with rotating system (-60° ~ +60°) and 2 motors per blade

• Animation wheel

• Housing: High-impact flame-retardant thermoplastic

• Color: Black

• Protection rating: IP20

• Pan/Tilt Locks

• AC 100-240V - 50/60Hz

• Max Power Consumption: 560W

• Max ambient temperature: -25°C to 45°C

• Max housing temperature: 58°C

• 3 & 5 pin XLR DMX In/Out

• RJ45 Ethernet In/Out (Art-NET + sACN)

• IP65 Locking Power In/Out

• USB port for firmware updates

• Length: 651mm

• Width: 400mm

• Vertical Height: 260mm

• Weight: 27.75kg

• DB Rating @ 1m: 36,7 dB(A)